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The Chinook Project

Acting & Drama Classes




Each year, the Chinook Project selects 4 to 9 students from a pool of stellar applications from 3rd-year AVC students.  The project has been fortunate to have had consistently fine students.  When they go north, our students face many challenges–cultural differences, “basic” and often creative veterinary clinics, long hours, enforced intimacy with the group.  Our students embrace these challenges with enthusiasm and good cheer, bringing not only veterinary medicine but also hope to northern communities.  Many, many thanks to our student participants:


Kimmirut, 2006: Rachel Lee, Alison Pollard (returned as veterinarian in 2016), Kristin Duerr, Erin O’Neill (with Drs. Marti Hopson, Peter Moak and Jane Magrath)



Cambridge Bay, 2007: Melissa Guillory, Sheila McIvor, Kathryn Evans, Iz Jakubowski (with Drs. Marti Hopson, Lisa Miller and Jane Magrath)


Kimmirut, 2008: Tracy Collins, Dan Fredholm, Karen Gormley, Beth Martin (with Drs. Marti Hopson, Anne Marie Carey and Jane Magrath)

Cambridge Bay/Kugluktuk, 2009:  Stephanie Robitaille, Nicole Cummings**, ( Dr. Peter Foley), Aleta Schmah, Shawn MacKenzie, with Dr. Anne Marie Carey and technician Andrea Jack in front.

The Team in Cambridge Bay 2009

**Nicole returned as a volunteer veterinary instructor in 2011–our first alumna instructor.

Natuashish 2010.jpg

Natuashish, 2010: Aimée Elson, Katie Lee (returned as veterinarian in 2016), Billy McDonald, Lindsay Rigoli (with Drs. Marti Hopson, Becky Jackson, Nicole Gallant, and Melissa Hamel)


Linsday, Aimee, Katie and Billy in the Fire Hall

Natuashish/Makkovik, 2011: Amy Lowe, Marisa Herzog, Christina Zeoli, Chris McLaughlin (returned as veterinarian in 2015), Courtney Dwyer (with Dr. Marti Hopson, Becky Jackson, Nicole Breda and Melissa Hamel)


AVC students with dog team pups, Christina, Courtney, Chris (back row) and Marisa and Amy


Hopedale and Nain 2012: Kayla Collins, Nichelle Peck, Shari Raheb, Waylon Wiseman (with Drs. Maxina VonHerbing Nicole Gallant and Jane Magrath) ; and Alicia Ashley, Tricia Fleming, Susan Taylor, Kelleigh Waters (with Drs. Peter Foley, Becky Jackson, and Mark Froimovitch)


Nain 2012 students: Tricia, Kelleigh, Alicia and Susan with Dr. Peter Foley

Makkovik and Postville 2013: Emma Vaasjo, Lauren Russell, Jonathan Woodbury, Ashleigh Allen,  Samantha Sanford (with Drs. Nicole Breda, Kyle Clark, Elise Watson and Andrea Jack)

2013 students.jpg

Nain, Sheshatshiu, Rigolet 2014: Meghan Levangie, Caitlin Matters (returned as instructor in 2019), Catherine Herlihy (returned as instructor in 2019), Erin Andersen, Jason Gray, Rhonda Stone, Sarah Dixon, Leighann Diehl


In Nain: Meghan Levangie, Dr. Peter Foley, Paul Fenton, Dr. Becky Jackson, Erin Andersen, and front row: Caitlin Matters, Catherine Herlihy (missing from photo: Dr. John Ruffino)


2014 students.jpg

Very tired Chinook 2014 team in Rigolet: Dr. Von Herbing, Dr. Hopson, Leighann, Rhonda, Jason with Dr. Gunn McQuillan and Sarah in front.


Natuashish (and Sheshatshiu, cancelled due to fog) 2015: Pierre Charlebois, Danielle Brown, Michelle Wells,  Jessica Eisnor, Mary-Claire Sanderson

Pierre Charlebois, Dr. Chris McLaughlin (Chinook student 2011), Danielle Brown, Michelle Wells, Andrea Jack, RVT, Dr. John Ruffino, Jessica Eisnor, Mary-Claire Sanderson

Nain and Sheshatshiu 2016: Liz Byers, Alie Reindel, Kelsey Harding, Chris Dominic, Michelle Goyareb (with Drs. Peter Foley, Heather Gunn McQuillan, Becky Jackson, Marti Hopson and Carrie Lavers)

2016 team (2).jpg
2016 team.jpg

Iqaluit, Nunavut 2016 : Vanessa Gerber, Mila Profit  (who became a Chinook coordinator), Nicolle Davis, Dionne Paine (with Drs. Marti Hopson, Katie MacDonald (Chinook Student 2010)  and Alison Pollard (Chinook Student 2006))

Igloolik, Nunavut, 2017 : Rachel Hughes, Julie Sparks, Meaghan O’Leary, Anna Swick-Coryell, Jaimee Gillis (with Drs. Heather Gunn-McQuillan and Alison Pollard and coordinator Heather Crowley)

(Meaghan, Julie, Dr. Gunn-McQuillan, Jaimee, Heather, Crowley, Anna and Rachel)
2017 (2).jpg
Nain, Sheshatshiu 2018 : Heather Bruinooge, Sarah Lynch, Alex Soengkono, Isabelle Falaradeau, Jourdan McPhetridge (with Drs. Heather Gunn-McQuillan, Becky Jackson, Cora Gilroy, Caitlin Matters and Catherine Herlihy)

Pictured from bottom left, clockwise: Jourdan, Heather, Isabelle, Alex, Sarah - with Drs. Gunn-McQuillan and Matters)
Nain, Natuashish 2019: Heather Chandler, Rachel Speare, Ashely Kroyer, Veronica Ells, Bryan Welch (with Drs. Heather Gunn-McQuillan, Mike West and Peter Foley)

Back: Heather, Mike, Bryan, Becky, Veronica, Front: Rachel, Ashley, Heather, Peter
team 2019

Port Hope Simpson 2022: Lindsay Bailey, Phoebe Grant, Christine Kim, Raylene Noftall, Roshan McGuiness (with Drs. John Ruffino, Alan Plater and technician Melissa Hamel)

Photo: Alan, Phoebe, Christine, John, Lindsay, Melissa, Roshan, Raylene

Sheshathshiu 2023: Cortney Chadbourne, Samantha Froud, Ann Johnsen, Jamie Kennedy, Christopher Knap (with Drs. Stephanie Landry, Jess Rose and technician Melissa Hamel)

Photo: Front- Dr. Landry, Cortney, Sam, Ann, Jamie. Back- Dr. Rose, Melissa, Chris

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