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The View from Here - Jason Gray

(Photo assignment : students were asked to choose a photograph and explain why it has special significance to them)

View from one of the small planes that brought the team to Rigolet

Prior to my acceptance into veterinary school, I worked in many different fields that afforded me the opportunity to travel extensively. Whether it was packing up my vehicle, road tripping from Halifax Nova Scotia to Anchorage Alaska, planting trees along the way in the remote northern communities of Ontario, Alberta, BC and the Yukon, or teaching English in South Korea and traveling through China, South East Asia, Africa and Australia. I considered myself lucky to have had the opportunity to wander through so many beautiful places, dynamic landscapes and captivating cultures. My involvement with Chinook project allowed my travels to continue further- this time to the communities of Goose Bay, Sheshathshui and Rigolet. These are located within Newfoundland and Labrador, an area which until now, I had overlooked despite its beauty and warming hospitality.

Upon our approach into Happy Valley Goose Bay I was able to view the impressive peninsula from above and the surrounding terrain. The landscapes surrounding the community were spectacular and the boreal forest appeared stretch on for miles. When departing the plane I was surprised by the warmer than expected summer weather, as I had anticipated cooler temperatures for this region. Approaching the Sheshathshui Inuu community, I was equally impressed as the town was snuggled amongst a beautiful spruce forest and bordered by the stunning Davis Inlet. Rigolet, the third community we travelled to, was located about a 160 km north from Sheshathshui. This remote Inuit coastal town, along the Hamilton Inlet, was very picturesque. Seeing the sub arctic tundra that surrounds the community for the very first time, is an image I won't soon forget.

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