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Sunset over the River

September 1, 2023

Ann Johnsen, AVC 2024, travelled to Sheshatshiu as one of the student participants on the Chinook Project. As part of the experience, the students craft various pieces of writing.

This photo was taking overlooking Northwest River at sunset.

It had been a long day with difficult surgeries and anesthesia protocols. Our debrief that evening was emotional. We were in a safe space to express how we were feeling. Many of the students were feeling down concerning their performance from the week, and we expressed how we wanted to be better. Our leaders Dr. Rose, Dr. Landry and Melissa offered some great words of wisdom and reminded us of how far we have come, and how proud they were of our accomplishments during the week. They emphasized that focusing on what went well is what will keep pushing us forward- as we were about halfway through our time in Sheshatshiu. I can’t remember the exact words that were said but I remember feeling hopeful and excited to come together and lift ourselves up as a group and finish our trip.

Many tears were shed in our little clinic that evening, and reflecting on it now makes me want to tear up again. The support I felt and still feel from my peers and leaders is unwavering. After our chat and clean up, the students decided to take the short walk home all together instead of hopping in the van to drive back to the cottage for the night. It was a beautiful evening, and I snapped this photo when we were crossing the bridge from Shehatshiu over to Northwest River. I am happy we spent that time together outside on a little walk, as it was soothing and refreshing. The only complaint were all those blackflies! But hey, that’s spring in Northern Canada!

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