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Stars in the Sky – Meaghan O’Leary

December 18, 2017

Stars in the Sky

Our time was spent in the land without night.

It was soon to be seen, dark would not defeat light.

We traded green fields and warm summer days,

For clay, rock, and snow, with still frozen bays

A cultural shift had occurred overnight

And eager to learn, we took it in stride.

Joy found in ways one might not believe,

Where some stay awake for days, no reprieve.

Upon our arrival, unsure of our place,

We met the occasion with the bravest of face.

We set up our clinic and unpacked each crate

Without many patients, we’d time to reflect.

We learned about each other, finding ways to connect.

We were determined the trip was not all for naught,

There were many a lesson yet to be taught.

The people were warm, despite the cold weather,

In such a small place, you must stick together.

Building trust in ideas far from their norm,

Our friends in Igloolik arrived in good form.

Allowing us strangers to help their dear pets,

They all left the clinic without any regrets

The weather against us, we bided our time,

Though somewhat frustrated, we really were fine.

Seeing for once, all that we had before,

So many things we weren’t thankful for.

The lessons we learned were in trust, faith, and patience,

All important in a career dedicated to patients.

Our trip did not go as anticipated,

But the experience overall left me fascinated.

The difference we made was more than minute,

A passion to make change has now taken root.

Though a great deal I learned, it was time for goodbye,

One can sure grow to miss the stars in the sky!

With its colourful people and unending terrains,

A beautiful place, Igloolik remains

Meaghan O’Leary, AVC 2018, traveled to Igloolik in 2017 as one of the student participants on the Chinook Project. As part of the experience, the students craft various pieces of reflective writing.

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