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Speaking Volumes - Catherine Herlihy

Photo assignment : students were asked to choose a photograph and explain why it has special significance to them

These photos may not look like much- they doesn’t have any cute animals or breath-taking landscapes- but they speak volumes.

These photos represent the level of appreciation the communities had for the work we were there to do. In Sheshatshiu, this is what was constructed for us. In an empty fire hall, where the single fire truck was pulled out of the garage each morning to accommodate our temporary clinic, members of the community built us 4 exam rooms from 2x4s, plywood, and plastic tarps.

We were shocked when we walked in to find such a nice gesture. It had clearly take a great deal of time, and had been done perfectly, despite having to contest with very uneven flooring. They built us a veterinary clinic from scratch, so we tried to return the favour with several long, hard, and even hot days, helping as many of the animals in their community as we could.

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