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Hopedale and Nain: Chinook 2021

June 11, 2012 9:46 am

Beautiful Hopedale

A quick update to let you know that for the first time this summer, Chinook is taking two separate teams to visit two separate communities in northern Labrador. Our first team heads out today, to visit the beautiful community of Hopedale. We haven't even left Charlottetown, and already we've had a warm welcome and lots of help, especially from Hopedale RCMP, Kim Dicker, and Patty Pottle who have helped take supplies, organized the whole thing, and generously provided the space for our clinic. We have a fabulous team: Dr. Nicole Gallant, Dr. Maxina VonHerbing, me (Jane Magrath) and our four fab student vets -- Shari Rehab, Waylon Wiseman, Nichelle Peck, and Kayla Collins. If we can access wifi in Hopedale, we'll try to update this blog throughout the trip, with pictures and stories. Stay tuned. Here we go Chinook 2012!!

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