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Farewell to the North- Shawn MacKenzie and Nicole Cummings

A series of posts from the 2009 trip, not published on website before.

Friday, May 22, 2009 | Posted by Nicole Cummings & Shawn MacKenzie

This is our last blog from Cambridge Bay, and there are so many people we need to thank. A lot of the people who helped organize our stay in Cambridge Bay read this blog (original CBC blog, 2009) .

A special thanks to the coordinators, Andy and Millie Traub, the many volunteers, the incredible cooking crew, the Arctic College (for giving us a place to live), and everyone who made a generous donation to the Chinook Project. This trip has been very humbling and rewarding. We would not have been able to assist as many dogs, cats, and even ferrets(!) if it was not for the hard work and organization of the folk here in Cambridge Bay.

We have had a lot of fun in Cambridge Bay, and even though we did not get to see any muskox, we did get to see a polar bear (see picture). Shawn and I have packed our bags, and are set to catch a plane out of Cambridge Bay in a few hours. As students on this trip, we’ve found it to be a great learning experience. The people we worked with have been very patient with us, and this experience will help us grow into better veterinarians. A huge thank you to everyone, and we hope this project will be able to continue in the future!

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