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Chinook Project 2014

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

The first Team of the Chinook Project is already in Nain, Labrador. Pictured are Meghan Levangie, Dr. Peter Foley, Paul Fenton, Dr. Becky Jackson, Erin Andersen, and front row: Caitlin Matters, Catherine Herlihy.

The Chinook Project is well underway for 2014, with our most ambitious plans yet! Two teams, of seven people each, will visit three communities in Northern Labrador. Nain, Sheshatshiu and Rigolet will host veterinary clinics this summer, from June 22 - July 4

June 22-25 - Nain

June 27-30 - Sheshatshiu

July 1-4 Rigolet

Here is a press release from the Department of Natural Resources, Labrador:

June 19, 2014

Providing Services to Protect Domestic Animals

Chinook Project Helps Keep Labrador Pets, Communities Healthy

The Department of Natural Resources is pleased to continue supporting the Chinook Project, a veterinary outreach program based out of the Atlantic Veterinary College, a Prince Edward Island-based institution taking a unique and positive approach to offsetting the lack of veterinary services in some remote areas of Labrador.

The Chinook Project, which includes licensed veterinarians, senior veterinary students and technical support, will provide free veterinary services, starting in Nain (June 23-25), in Sheshatshiu (June 27-30, at the Band Council Garage) and Rigolet (July 1-4, at the Community Centre). Support is provided by band and town councils in the communities involved. This is the 9th year of the project and the 5th year these services have been provided in Labrador, and all the veterinarians volunteer their time to participate.

“The Chinook Project, in which our department invests $15,000 annually, takes an interesting approach to ensuring dogs and cats remain healthy in remote areas that are otherwise without veterinary services. Our Animal Health Division works closely with this project to help provide logistical support and cooperate in any other way possible.”

The free clinics have been offered in remote areas since 2006. From 2010-2013, the clinics provided spay/neutering, vaccination, de-worming and general check-ups to 627 dogs and 37 cats in the communities of Nain, Natuashish, Makkovik, Hopedale and Postville while also addressing medical concerns such as infections. With the cyclic appearance of rabies in Labrador, vaccinations and dog population control are important means of reducing the risks of domestic animal and human exposure.

Residents interested in booking an appointment should contact Paul Fenton (Nain), Dawna Lee/Greg Pastitshi (Sheshatshiu), and Carly Blake (Rigolet).


  • The Department of Natural Resources provides $15,000 to the Chinook Project, to provide free veterinary services in some remote areas of Labrador.

  • The Vet Clinic will be held in Nain (June 23-25), in Sheshatshiu (June 27-30, at the Band Council Garage) and Rigolet (July 1-4, at the Community Centre)

  • In 2013, 18 cats and 110 dogs received free veterinary services in the communities of Makkovik and Postville.

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