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Chinook Eve - Alison Reindel

(The Labrador team travelled to Goose Bay on Tuesday May 24 and on to Nain for the first leg of clinics. Before leaving, one of the students, Alison (AVC 2017) sent this note)

Twas the night before Chinook and all through the house,

a beagle was stirring then on his toys he did pounce.

The bags were packed next to the bed with care,

in hopes they contained all that was needed for the trip through the air.

Got the tickets and the snacks and the photo ID,

packed the scrubs, the sweatshirts, and all the toiletries.

Reviewed the notes and videos on how to do a dog spay,

read drug protocols, anesthesia plans--will it all be okay?

Some pre-trip anxiety is to be expected,

come tomorrow these feelings will all be redirected.

One more sleep until we travel up North,

on a great adventure we will go forth.

Travelling to Goose Bay, photo credit : Michelle Goyareb

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